So… Jesus’ new covenant with us includes a commandment that we love each other.the hands of a friend.jpg That we care for others like we care for ourselves; but not many people really love themselves enough to do this. That we love each other as Jesus loves us; but not many people really know Jesus – not at all or not enough to know what that looks like. See the problem? Love. Isn’t. Easy. Is it?

Love. IS. Easy… when we care enough about ourselves; when we open up – even a sliver – to hear the Word of God speak to us about his Son. I just love that; and that the challenge isn’t in loving but actually in opening yourself up. That’s what must be the hardest for people I know. You see, clamming up your heart, building walls, bellyaching to people about what you perceive to be right and wrong; blaring to the world about all the injustices because you think your noise benefits somehow, well that’s easy. This behavior doesn’t require self-control. That makes it easy. But what’s the payoff? You think you are getting your “stuff” off your chest. You “think” you are adding to the dialogue of what’s going on around you (wake up call: you’re not). Being close-minded and belligerent fosters one thing: more close-minded belligerents. Can you tell that your world isn’t improving? In fact, my guess is those walls you’ve built – with every complaint, every negative statement – are getting mighty thick by now. But not completely impenetrable to the Divine that awaits.

If you are really “all that”, take me up on the challenge of your life: Quiet down. Open up. Look out. Listen up. Something profound is about to happen. You game?

God. is. love.

Love is.