OneWord365As everyone is transitioning from 2014 to the new year, 2015, resolutions are made. I’ve not ever truly bought into the purpose of making resolutions for myself. We all know they may help temporarily in gaining focus for the fresh new year start, but quickly lose their grip and meaning as the weeks pass. I like the One Word 365 movement. Learn more by checking out @OneWord365. There is something more exacting, purposeful, and powerful when we keep just One Word up, front, and center in our days. Just one word has the potential to create impact and – depending on the word – can propel change and/or keep us moving forward. I love that. It keeps you from dwelling on a difficult past too. Although check out how it improves that idea of looking back. Your words begin to connect from year to year and you find real growth and fulfillment in the meaning of your life then!

My OneWord365 for the past few years:
2012 Surrender
2013 Yield
2014 Presence

For 2015 my OneWord365 is Dwelling. An odd word maybe but my goal is to move with God and this is where He has me. There appears to be a connection in my words over the years. I like that very much. My focus is always God. My goal is always reaching for the prize, in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14 – “I press on toward the goal to win the prize, For which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”) I don’t have to measure up to meet this and it doesn’t cause me to fall into line with someone else’s notion of what this means. The same for you. Your word is yours. To interpret and move with it however you will. Cool, huh? No trainer to dictate your reps and analyze your squats. Just a word – one word – to move you… somewhere.

@CarmelsNotes will be sharing notes on the word “Dwelling”, as in the Holy Spirit’s dwelling place, throughout the year. It may even take on different meanings as we go along, but that’s cool. Let’s see where it takes us, together. Choose your own OneWord and keep it on your mind. You will find the word will pop up in different ways through the weeks. Maybe it’s a word that held meaning when you were young, like Belief, or Truth. Maybe Balance, Priority, Self, or Patience… you choose. Write it down on a post-it and place it on your mirror or in your wallet. Or keep it to yourself. You will be changed by it at the end of the year. ~ blessings for 2015!