No room at the Inn for the goodness of Jesus to come. But His place wasn’t in the safety and security of a cozy town hotel. …And maybe that kind of place is deceiving anyway. With people carrying on at the street corner and under tno roomhe eaves of the establishment and within the walls of the place, goodness needed to come into the world and rest His head in a tiny manger, away from all that noise, confusion and disruption. I don’t want any of that in my life either. What about you? But… This, I believe: Being extravagant with your heart in turn fills up so much space that you likely won’t have any room left – after all the goodness of life comes in – to scoot over and let negative stuff take a seat. Got no room for it and that makes me happy. Sometimes no room is a good thing. It can change the world. ~ Merry Christmas, everyone. ~ : )